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Most Popular Forex Trading Platforms

Everything in the world is growing rapidly, including the currency market. To ensure correct operation of such a complex system as the Forex market you should use modern software, consisting of many components. Initial part of this system Forex trading platforms allow any trader to generate the foreign exchange market and to implement their deal. […]

Important Things To Consider

Analyzing all the brokerage company, you should only those that have favorable trading conditions for the conduct of any trade trader. Screen out companies with adverse trading conditions and characterized by negative reviews. This is not strange, because the brokerage company ensures optimal trading environment for all trader’s trade in the foreign exchange market. The […]

Importance of Using Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus should establish a special utility to find and dangerous threats. For example, anti-virus utility Zaitseva, developed by the creators of Kaspersky is able to help in the search for Trojans. And often finds that Kaspersky missed during checkout. Particular attention should be paid to such matters as the shutdown and hang the trading terminal. […]

Forex Trading

After 2007, it was possible to count several companies working with a minimum deposit of just a few dollars. In this case, the leverage has long ceased to amaze with their multiplicity, and we are talking about numbers above 100 and even 200 in some cases. But the great variety also has its disadvantages. With […]

Forex Trading

A lot of people think about forex trading to be a betting and based on the techniques used for trading in the market, it could be classified as so, though the definition of betting is “to bet a stake on a outcome that is in accord purely on fortune” keeping that in mind and the […]

Emotional Control in Scalping

The discipline and emotional control is a key point in the success of any trader and much more so in a full-time scalping trader. At this point can be very useful to use stop orders and trailing stop to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk if you are not able to decide when to close an operation […]

Trading Capital Appreciation

It is essential to evaluate our capital account. It can be used as the value of the account balance, i.e. the capital to consider excluding capital used in operations that can be opened or losses or profits from these open trades. However, it is much more common, and can be much more effective, use the net balance […]

Magic Number in Metatrader

In real life, a trader may encounter different situations, all of which have the easiest solution using the Magic Number. For example, the trader combines in its own operative hand account with one or more Expert Advisors. The EA should manage its own operations without interfering with the operations that the trader carried out manually or with […]

Plan Your Forex Survey

We must have a plan in which there must set some goals, as you travel the road to them and what you do to potential mishaps that may arise or surely arise. Having a plan does not guarantee success at all but it is much better to have it get it clear. It is assumed that […]

Forex Options Trader

A currency option gives the possibility to buy or sell a currency to a certain date at a price fixed at the origin (the strike price), on payment of a premium (premium) by a buyer (purchase option or put option) a seller. The main features of a currency option are: exercise price (purchase price or sale price guaranteed); maturity […]