Importance of Using Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus should establish a special utility to find and dangerous threats. For example, anti-virus utility Zaitseva, developed by the creators of Kaspersky is able to help in the search for Trojans. And often finds that Kaspersky missed during checkout.

Particular attention should be paid to such matters as the shutdown and hang the trading terminal. For example, you spend analysis NZD / USD, about to open a transaction, and then you “eject” from the terminal. This is one of the signs that someone else is a trading platform for your password. If this situation is repeated several times, change the password.

Particular attention should be paid to the mailbox. Most of the break-ins occur through it. First, there should never store passwords, they can easily be stolen by fraudsters. Second, for serious cases it is better to have a separate box, and no one to give it and do not take back any mailings. If emails come to the box with suspicious links, suggestions, go to another site or even a letter from the administration with a proposal to change the password to participate in the action, you know, it most likely scammers. In any case, do not open such letters.

Sometimes investors allegedly offered to give them the password to evaluate the result. They say, they say, then change it, and if there is no money in the account, many agree. Then the investor refuses to invest, and after a couple of months you transfer money there, nothing suspect compose forecast about pair NZD / USD, but when going to open a transaction, you write: “Insufficient Funds”. You look at the balance and realize that disaster struck. Therefore, investors should not place any transfer trader password. In an extreme case, there is a feature as the password for the investor. But even his best is not to scatter on the forums.